Supply Chain Consulting Services

Fact based Supply Chain decision making is tough.  Triple Bottom Line initiatives, Six Sigma….SCRUM. They all help on the process side but every one of them require measurement and trying to do it in spreadsheets ends in failure!! 

The MRP / ERP / SCMS applications and databases were a first step but having the skill to get the analytics from these systems is the differentiator.   We provide those hard to find hybrid skill sets to drive margin and control costs.

We can quickly provide the following in a cost-efficient manner:


  • Provide visibility across both inbound & outbound logistics.

  • Analyze / compare materials provided by multiple vendors / suppliers.

  • Identify bottlenecks, to be removed, and increase efficiency.

  • Measure and drive customer satisfaction and SLA promises.

  • Know not just you biggest customers but who your best customers are based on margin, because that is what matters!

  • Ensure you meet your quality targets.

  • Have full visibility of inventory across the entire company and optimize it.

  • Measure and manage service processing time.

  • Measure call / order center analytics.


  • Measure delivery, backlog, and fulfillment by both product line and geography.

  • Measure the variances between order quantity and delivery quantity across multiple systems and locations.

  • Provide safety / compliance & staff dash boarding.

  • Model capacity for near and far future fulfillment.

  • Determine if regional capacity is in alignment with demand?

  • Determine how many products by type were sold over the last five years?

  • Measure the geographic demand for your products.

  • Measure which material(s) have the most price volatility by vendor.



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