There can be no: ERP, BI, Reporting, Supply Chain, Consolidation, Planning / Budgeting or Analytic applications unless data gets merged from multiple systems!  

Until now, this was a multi-million dollar a year problem for companies

both when implementing new systems and when maintaining the systems,

they already have.

So MidForceBI was created for that purpose.

By using MidForceBI we:

  • Reduce application implementation times by at least 30% for, each and every, implementation.

  • Eliminate over USD$500,000, per terabyte of data operations cost every year.

  • Eliminate over USD$19,000 every year, per user in wasted manual spreadsheet manipulation.

  • Eliminate: ETL processes, transition databases, metadata builds, SQL coding, scripting, copy & paste, VLOOKUP, Macros, and expensive hardware.

  • Automate validations and reconciliations, so this janitorial exercise can be eliminated, so that analytic professionals can do what they are paid to do = Analytics, not recons.  

  • Can create analytic cubes, from disparate data sources including graphical reporting in 20min. instead of 2 months.

  • Can easily leverage data from competitive products, in the same short 20 min., to work together in harmony for the benefit of clients. 


This all happens with a mathematical algorithm and lens-based technology instead of the software tools, time and people you use now.


There are over 50,000 users of MidForceBI at important companies like:

For more information about MidForceBI visit:  or call us at 609-750-8887

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