We provide application systems support on a global basis, but we ONLY use USA staff for providing that support.


Ayudatek is both a subcontractor to the consulting partners and is a direct seller of Remote Systems Support.  

Over 30 ERP / EPM consulting firms use Ayudatek instead of their own staff because they recognize that we are specifically suited to support their clients. We also provide those same consulting firms with dependable recurring revenue streams, so the arrangement works for both the client and the primary consulting firm.

Unless you can support over 65 products, have a ticketing system, provide reporting and only use USA staff, it’s better to partner with Ayudatek!

We ONLY use USA based staff at Ayudatek.  We have found that USA based professionals provide complete resolutions for clients 4x faster than off shore resources.  

In addition, we provide USA based service at a price point that is lower than off-shore rates.  

We also have many direct corporate clients and often replace off-shore and “One or two products only” focused firms that cannot service client needs properly.

Prospects ask us how this can be? 

The answer is simple, off shore models attempt to hide some glaring facts.  Client wait time has an operational cost as does working 4x slower than qualified, accountable USA based staff.  Those components added together reveal offshore options for what they really are – more expensive and poor in client satisfaction! 

We cover over 65 ERP, reporting, analytic, manufacturing, and data base software products under one roof! This is a much more robust option because we can support the feeder systems to your financial and operational systems ecosystem.  It also eliminates finger pointing and cuts cost.

We service all our products at the same honest hourly rate, so there are no bad surprises. 

Also, we provided a trial period that other firms fear to offer.  In our model clients need not commit to an annual contract until month four of service.

We currently cover the following products on a 24/7/365 basis.

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