What Profit Path Systems Can Do For You

  1. Application Support Services.

  2. Software Distribution.

  3. Recruiting.

  4. Consulting Services.


Application Support Services: Our Ayudatek product, provides application support for over 65 major ERP, performance measurement, business intelligence, big data, AI, IOT, data base and reporting products. We operate ONLY with USA based resources at a price point that is lower than off-shore options.   We operate both as a primary vendor, but more often as a subcontractor to consulting firms that seek the best compressive care for their clients.

Software Distribution: We distribute software products that enable companies to drive margin and control costs, while taking full advantage of their existing software investment.

Recruiting:  Our Pascack product provides permanent placement services for:  Financial Systems, Information Technology, Software Sales, Financial, Accounting, Supply Chain and Human Resources professionals at all levels.

Consulting Services:  We provide implementation skill sets for all major financial systems, big data, business intelligence, reporting and systems integration.